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Based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, REV is a non-profit theatre company focused on creating an inclusive space

for all theatre to occur.

est : 2000

What is rev?


Although telling the story is paramount of course, we interpret and transform the material we work with, changing and intensifying it by having exploratory and developmental workshops. Our creative process for classical and new works help construct a world of justified juxtaposition in our often audience-immersive pieces: classical text interjected by other prolific writings (including text from other plays and dramaturgical material); known as well as original music from varied time periods; incredibly physical and choreographed staging paired with soft, subtle stillness; highly stylized production numbers and stark and stripped down design, everyday objects and materials used in unusual ways to make surprising design elements; performances not only in proscenium theaters but in city parks and public spaces. We create site-specific performances in traditional and non-traditional venues (Philadelphia and Scranton, PA, Cape May, NJ, throughout New York State, Connecticut, and so many more). Check our tickets page to see what we’re up to.


REV’s education and outreach programs are an essential part of our mission. Our goal is to make live theatre accessible to everyone by appealing to a widely diverse audience and by developing and creating cultural activities to enrich the lives of young people and their families, particularly those who are underserved in the arts. We bring free, professional productions geared to family audiences accompanied with children and teen workshops. We are committed to developing new theatre audiences. REV Theatre Company productions challenge, provoke, energize, and above all, entertain our audiences through the accessible, vivid, and passionate worlds we create on stage.


- with love, REV Theatre Company

“REV Theatre Company brings a fresh, contemporary, and sometimes macabre vision to existing dramatic works and company created cabarets while providing free education and performances to our community.”

 What does rev do as a non-profit? 

  • education

    REV offers FREE theatre edu. to children and teens in our community.


  • outreach

    Cultivating the world around us, REV provides performances in public spaces and works to promote the civil rights of all citizens.

  • anti-racism

    In lieu of the BLM Movement, our team has worked to donate, petition, and create accessible social justice education. 

  • community

    We value actors, technicians, everyone involved in creating REV. Learn about them here.