it is not enough just to say it. 

we want real change.

Over the years, the company produced many white-centric performances.

This is something we can't take back. By recognizing our past, we are able to roll on into the future and take action. REV recognizes while moving forward, casting must actively include BIPOC and LGBTQ+ performers.

Colorblind casting is not the answer.

REV is working to create a truly inclusive space, making no room for

conscious or sub-concious white-supremacy. From now on, we must maintain this mindset and continue the fight for equity. 


It is important for audiences and members of our edu. and outreach programs to see diversity on stage. American Theatre is inherently racist. It is so deep-rooted in the exclusion and mockery of Black, Indigenous, and other people of color that it is hard for us to see the roots past the wonderful pieces created by

BIPOC writers, choreographers, musicians, et cetera. 

REV has been donating, educating ourselves and others online, and petitioning over the past few months and would love for you to participate.

DONATE, educate, petition

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Community Justice exchange

National Bail Fund Network, Donate Here

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Aclu pa

American Civil Liberties Union, Donate: Here

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The Loveland foundation

Loveland Therapy Fund, Donate: Here

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Thurgood marshall Fund

Supporting the Black college community, Donate: Here

Philadelphia mazzoni center

LGBTQ+ Center based in PHL, Donate: Here

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The okra project

Providing healthy meals for Black trans folx, Donate: Here

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Broadway black

Theatre Arts Media Outlet, Educate: Here

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#weseeyou w.A.T.

Open Letter and Collective of Artists, Educate: Here

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racism in the theatre

Sharing of Experiences The NY Times, Educate: Here

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LGBTQ+ History in Philadelphia

Concise View of Monumental Moments, Educate: Here

justice for Breonna Taylor Petition, Sign: Here

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BLM philadelphia

Philly's Black Lives Matter Organization, Donate: Here

As usual, REV is so thankful for your endless support. Our audiences and the young actors in our outreach classes put the biggest smiles on our faces. We hope to build and grow our platform in Philadelphia and nearby areas to bring theatre to all. The dramatic, the exciting, the silly; bringing the truth of humanity back into the hands of all of us.

REV asks you to ask questions with an open mind and live joyfully. Again, thank you. 

REV Theatre Company