This was the second REV production for the Goodwill Theatre’s Shakespeare Alive! Program in 2010.  Presented once again in the intimate Firehouse Stage, This production was set in the time of its composition, the early seventeenth century, a time when Europe (particularly Venice) was both fascinated and threatened by the exoticism and difference of ‘the Moor’ – the Outsider, the “other” in a civilized and sophisticated society.


The production aimed to eliminate the barriers between the emotional atmosphere of the play and the audience by offering an intimate chamber version of the play, and with the actors performing in a spare, thrust space and the audience seated on three sides of the stage.


Othello was visually invested, with the rich, luxurious and colorful clothes of the 17th century, played against a simple backdrop and minimal setting, thus throwing into relief the actors and the language and story.